Our half-day program teaches students the fundamentals of flight science and engineering through a combination of visual presentation, quantitative experimentation, and lab activities - including flying in our vertical wind tunnel!

The experience is designed to get students excited about STEM and includes the following:

1. Check-in
2. Interactive Lecture
3. Wind Tunnel Experiments
4. Observation
5. Classroom training
6. Gear up
7. Flight experience
8. Debrief

*Each flight is 60 seconds long (the equivalent of the free fall portion of a skydive). The program typically takes 4 hours depending on class size.

Education Programs are specifically tailored to Ontario grade level curriculum. iFLY Toronto will provide teachers with guides, resources and presentation material necessary to educate students prior to arrival. Student manuals including worksheets and instructions are also provided at no additional cost.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES                          

  • Understand how drag forces are exerted on solid objects by a moving fluid
  • Understand what causes fluid force on moving objects and stationary objects on moving fluids
  • Explore the ways velocity of fluid streams applies to the engineering of aircraft, ships, cars bridges, and buildings.
  • Explore how these concepts affect our activities such as swimming, cycling, running, and skiing.
  • Apply grade-appropriate mathematical principles to wind tunnel measurements and discover relationships between fluid drag and other variables

For more information on STEM programs please contact Kristen Thomason  | (289) 795- 4000 x 213

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