A flight experience and scientific workshop available for all age groups: from elementary to university!


Why not offer your students and campers something new this year? For a special field trip or as part of a specific STEM course curriculum, jump from theory to practice with a uniquely exhilarating experience in a safe environment. Your students will be guided through this activity by a qualified instructor. The experience is accessible to all, from age 4 and up.

The Science of Flight experience includes:

  • An interactive presentation of the science of flight (adapted to students’ level).
    The factors that influence the free fall of an object (surface, shape, mass, air resistance, gravity, aerodynamics and body position).
    The explanation of the flight position (stability, turns, forward and backward).
    The explanation of the influence of the shape on the speed of fall with different objects.
  • A mathematical workshop of mass and volume (varies depending on groups level).
  • A scientific demonstration in a wind tunnel.
  • Training in flight techniques and hand signal communication.
  • Wind tunnel flights with a certified flight instructor.

iFLY is much more than just an educational outing.

It's a rewarding day of fun and learning that they'll remember for the rest of their lives!

For more information on the program or to make a reservation, contact: (289) 224-4000 x 216

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