Our instructors

Our instructors are certified by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) and together make up an experienced, passionate and dedicated team.
They all share the same objective: To help you discover indoor skydiving while ensuring that your experience is safe and memorable. Come meet us!


  • Favorite Discipline: Freestyle
  • My Idol: Ryan Reynolds
  • I like: Flying, drawing and using my hands
  • I don’t like: Cheese and negativity
  • I would like to fly at: Everywhere and anywhere... Tunnel or the sky.


  • Favorite Discipline: Discipline? I Freefly.
  • My Idol: I don’t think it would be right to idolize one person, that would fail to give credit to both the influence of nature and other human interaction which would have brought forth the qualities which we are looking to champion. I will say that a human quality which I admire is the ability to creatively express ourselves in a manner which unifies humans. A great example of that is body flight.
  • I like: People that use their powers to make chocolate. I love Chocolate!
  • I don’t like: My feet on the ground, unless I’m in a line up to buy chocolate. Otherwise feet up off the ground please.
  • I would like to fly at: The boundary of earths atmosphere, wearing only my viper elite jumpsuit.......and duct tape of course.


  • Favorite Discipline: 2 way/4 way dynamic and freestyle
  • My Idol: Ghandi and Havard Flaat (best flyer and coach ever!)
  • I like: Wind tunnel flying, skydiving, yoga, learning to play the piano, travelling to beautiful locations (and getting lost there), and falling in love <3
  • I don’t like: When people put limitations on themselves. I believe people can do anything they want if they work hard at it!
  • I would like to fly at: Everywhere! In the sky and in the tunnel!


  • Favorite Discipline: Dynamic
  • My Idol: Chuck Norris. He once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got it!
  • I like: People that drive at the correct road speed. I like to be warm. I like windshield wipers that work correctly. I like firm handshakes and hugs. I like hot sauce on my sandwiches. I like hot showers and fuzzy towels, garlic cheese bread and Belgium waffles. I like the like button. I like recliner chairs at the movie theater. I like getting a good deal on a purchase.
  • I don’t like: Tomatoes, politics or difficult math equations. I don’t like gas prices, Tight fitting pants, and shoe laces that continuously come undone. I don’t like dropped calls, license fees, flat tires, pens with no ink, stale donuts and hair in my mouth. I don’t like Mosquitos buzzing in my ear and flying into my eyeballs and I really don’t like long line ups!
  • I would like to fly at: Every tunnel in the world!


  • Favorite Discipline: All of them! I just want to fly!
  • My Idol: Billy Idol
  • I like: Scooters, Sunshine and Sending it!
  • I don’t like: Olives, mushrooms and grumpy people.
  • I would like to fly at: Anywhere! As long as I am with friends.


  • Favorite Discipline: Dynamic and Freestyle.
  • My Idol: Anyone who's living the dream.
  • I like: ALL sports, especially flying, singing (even though I suck) and seeing people smile!
  • I don’t like: Negativity... and traffic, it's a pain!
  • I would like to fly at: Every tunnel in the world.


  • Favorite Discipline: VF S, FS, Dynamic, Neo freestyle and... I just need wind to fly!
  • My Idol: Bradley Cooper
  • I like: Falling from the sky
  • I don’t like: Being grounded
  • I would like to fly at: The biggest tunnel in the world - Abu Dhabi 32-foot

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