Our instructors

Our instructors are certified by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) and together make up an experienced, passionate and dedicated team.
They all share the same objective: To help you discover indoor skydiving while ensuring that your experience is safe and memorable. Come meet us!


  • Favorite Discipline: Dynamic
  • My Idol: My father
  • I like: Food and campfires
  • I don’t like: Impatient people and being hungry
  • I would like to fly at: iFLY Dubai


  • Favorite Discipline: 2 way/4 way dynamic and freestyle
  • My Idol: Ghandi and Havard Flaat (best flyer and coach ever!)
  • I like: Wind tunnel flying, skydiving, yoga, learning to play the piano, travelling to beautiful locations (and getting lost there), and falling in love <3
  • I don’t like: When people put limitations on themselves. I believe people can do anything they want if they work hard at it!
  • I would like to fly at: Everywhere! In the sky and in the tunnel!


  • Favorite Discipline: Currently tracking since I can’t do anything else that’s cool.
  • My Idol: Deadpool
  • I like: Frozen Reeses Pieces
  • I don’t like: Sharing my frozen Reeses Pieces
  • I would like to fly at: Skydive Dubai


  • Favorite Discipline: Dynamic
  • My Idol: Chuck Norris. He once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got it!
  • I like: People that drive at the correct road speed. I like to be warm. I like windshield wipers that work correctly. I like firm handshakes and hugs. I like hot sauce on my sandwiches. I like hot showers and fuzzy towels, garlic cheese bread and Belgium waffles. I like the like button. I like recliner chairs at the movie theater. I like getting a good deal on a purchase.
  • I don’t like: Tomatoes, politics or difficult math equations. I don’t like gas prices, Tight fitting pants, and shoe laces that continuously come undone. I don’t like dropped calls, license fees, flat tires, pens with no ink, stale donuts and hair in my mouth. I don’t like Mosquitos buzzing in my ear and flying into my eyeballs and I really don’t like long line ups!
  • I would like to fly at: Every tunnel in the world!


  • Favorite Discipline: All of them! I just want to fly!
  • My Idol: Billy Idol
  • I like: Scooters, Sunshine and Sending it!
  • I don’t like: Olives, mushrooms and grumpy people.
  • I would like to fly at: Anywhere! As long as I am with friends.


  • Favorite Discipline: Freestyle, because it allows the most creativity and always inspires me.
  • My Idol: My mother! If I could even be half the woman she is...
  • I like: To share my passion of flying with anyone who is interested! Come and fly with me.
  • I don’t like: Sleeping in... Carpe Diem (Seize the day.)
  • I would like to fly at: On the moon in low gravity would be so cool! But Hurricane Factory in Berlin or Aero Gravity in Milan would be great too!


  • Favorite Discipline: Freefly
  • My Idol: People who believe in themselves and follow their dream!
  • I like: Poutine! And people who smile all the time!
  • I don’t like: Negative energy
  • I would like to fly at: : Every drop zone in the mountains


  • Favorite Discipline: Dynamic and Freestyle.
  • My Idol: Anyone who's living the dream.
  • I like: ALL sports, especially flying, singing (even though I suck) and seeing people smile!
  • I don’t like: Negativity... and traffic, it's a pain!
  • I would like to fly at: Every tunnel in the world.


  • Favorite Discipline: VF S, FS, Dynamic, Neo freestyle and... I just need wind to fly!
  • My Idol: Bradley Cooper
  • I like: Falling from the sky
  • I don’t like: Being grounded
  • I would like to fly at: The biggest tunnel in the world - Abu Dhabi 32-foot

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