If you thought flying was a sport just for the guys, think again...

Traditional skydiving and indoor skydiving are both sports typically dominated by men, but recently we’ve seen a flood of women entering the sport and it’s awesome! It is very exciting and empowering to witness more women joining the indoor skydiving community for fun, career opportunities and competition. Some of the worlds top female bodyflight athletes are now competing in the same categories as men and winning medals. Talk about girl power!

Redbull sponsored Maja Kuczynska completing her silver medal winning routine at the World Indoor Skydiving Championships in 2017.

iFLY Toronto and SkyVenture Montreal sponsor several young athletes and at this time 3 out of 6 are in fact, girls. Montreal’s Coralie Boudreault is now a national and international bodyflight champion at only 15 years of age. At the 2018 Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship Coralie competed in an Open category with adult athletes, including men and took home a Gold medal.

Coralie Boudreault waiting to fly her Freestyle routine at the World Indoor Skydiving Championships in 2017.

We’re proud to say that in Canada we have two female instructors on our Instructor teams. In Ontario, Catherine Houde is an Instructor/Assistant Manager at iFLY Toronto (Whitby) and in Montreal, Elvira Bogdanova is a SkyVenture Montreal Instructor. Indoor skydiving is not a career exclusive to men and we hope that through seeing Catherine and Elvira on our teams more women will be inspired to pursue careers in bodyflight here and around the world. It is part of our vision to be the first tunnel in Canada to certify a female T4 Instructor!

Elvira Bogdanova and Catherine Houde at iFLY Toronto (Whitby) during Instructor training.

Since opening our iFLY Toronto (Whitby) location we have had more girls than boys register for our Kids Club and we will soon host our first ever female only Huck Jam event in November. Coincidence? Perhaps, but we’d like to think Catherine’s strong female presence might be part of the reason more girls are feeling motivated to progress in the sport. SkyVenture Montreal has also hosted a number of female-only events like Fly and Flow, a yoga event focused on flying, health, and wellness. Don’t get us wrong, we love flying with the guys but sometimes we just need a girl’s night too!

Think flying is only for the young girls? Nope! We’ve seen an increase ladies of all ages coming in to fly. Including grandmas!

Over 80 years old and still having fun!

These octogenarian ladies are working their way through their bucket lists. Indoor skydiving: check.

What are you waiting for? Come fly like a girl at iFLY Toronto!

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