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What is the minimum age to fly in the wind tunnel?

It is possible to start indoor skydiving from as early as 4 years old. Our instructors are trained to accompany you throughout the flight time in a completely safe environment, allowing you to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary experience with friends and family.

Are there any restrictions concerning health issues?

Anyone who is in good physical health can fly in the wind tunnel. We invite you to look at the flying criteria before booking a flight time. If you have any questions concerning the flying criteria, don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you in the best way possible so that you can fly.

Is it safe?

Tunnel flying is totally safe. You will have an instructor with you for your entire flight.

Is it scary?

No, indoor skydiving is not scary. You don't have to jump or fall because Bodyflight is more like floating than falling. Your training course will teach you everything you need to know and you will have plenty of time to ask questions. Your instructor is there to guide you through your entire flight.

Is it fun?

Indoor free-fall simulation is fun ….and exciting!  Each time you fly, you are able to learn new techniques and perfect your skills. Whether you come to iFLY Toronto to discover the basics of flying or to train for competitions, you will always have fun.

How does it feel to fly?

Flying in the tunnel feels like you're floating. There is no 'falling' sensation.  You will be lifted by the air flow in the flight chamber and once in a stable position, you will be able to move around. It's like nothing you've felt before and it's addictive!

Can I fly with friends or family members?

You will be in the same flight session. However, if you are flying for the first time, it is not possible to be together in the actual flight chamber. Once you have developed sufficient skills to fly with other people, it will be possible to come as a group and fly together.

 For more information on programs to learn how to fly with others, visit the Discover section of our website. 

Can I do flips and tricks in the flight chamber?

It is possible to do tricks in the flight chamber. You can fly head down, sitting or even on your back, but you will need to have acquired a certain skill level to be able to do so. We do offer a training program as well as training camps to allow you to perfect your skills and obtain different experience levels.

Can I get a video of my session?

Yes, it is possible to get a video of your session. We also offer the possibility of purchasing photos, which can be printed or sent by email. It is not permitted to bring a camera (GoPro, cell phone or any type of camera) inside the flight chamber however you may invite a friend to come film you from outside the chamber.

How much time should I estimate for my visit?

For your first experience, plan for 2 to 2.5 hours in total.

Do I need to jump from a platform?

No, you don't need to jump from anywhere. Your instructor will direct you toward the flight chamber door and you will simply have to lean in and the wind flow will automatically support you.

Does indoor free falling resemble what skydivers do?

iFLY Toronto can replicate almost perfectly the free-fall portion of a skydiver's jump. In fact, it so closely resembles what skydivers do and feel at 13 500 feet in the air, that all the teams train for their competitions in vertical wind tunnels around the world. iFLY is also the training centre for the paratroopers from the Department of National Defense.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we highly recommend that you book your time in advance. Our schedule is often fully booked many weeks in advance.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we sell Flight Passes. Please note: Flight Passes are not refundable but can be transferred to someone else if needed.

What should I wear?

We supply a flight suit and all the necessary equipment, including safety goggles, a helmet and earplugs. On the day of your flight session, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes. We recommend:
  • A t-shirt with no collar (Not a polo type shirt)
  • Athletic pants or shorts
  • Socks
  • Running shoes with laces
  • If you have long hair, bring a good elastic and a hair brush so you don’t leave us looking like an 80’s rock star!
*Make sure that you have a valid government issued ID with photo

What should I expect when I arrive on-site?

Visit the Plan section of our website for a detailed outline of what to expect.

Why do you take the complete payment upon reservation?

We sometimes receive up to 300 people per day and our schedule is often booked several weeks in advance. By taking the complete payment, we ensure that a precise schedule is available for other reservations. It also allows you to arrive on site with peace of mind and allows you to enjoy the experience thoroughly.

If I buy my packages online, can I reserve right away?

We process online orders within 12 hours. We recommend that you wait until the following day to call us.

We are two adults with a young child who cannot fly. Can anyone watch our child during the activity?

We are not able to mind children during your flight sessions. We suggest that you reserve in two separate groups. You can take your training session together but fly separately. This will allow one person to be on the outside, with the child observing while the other flies and vice versa.

How long does a flight last?

Each flight is 60 seconds in length (the same as the freefall portion of a skydive).

Can I wear my glasses?

We provide safety goggles that go overtop your glasses. If you wear glasses and don’t need them for distance, we recommend taking them off for your flights. Contact lenses may also be worn under standard goggles. Please note, there is a risk that glasses or contact lenses may come off. iFLY Toronto is not liable for any material damage.  

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