The freedom to fly...
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Limited mobility

Since our opening, hundreds of people who have a physical or mental disability have come to defy the law of gravity with us. iFLY Toronto offers you the opportunity to enjoy a different experience by participating in a sport adapted to your condition. Are you ready to take flight?

An attainable dream

Would you like to fly? All you have to do is contact us in advance so that our team can understand your disability and let you know how we can work with you. We will do everything that we can to help you enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Accessible package


This package includes

  • Personalized training in a classroom
  • Observation and question period
  • 6 flights per person (the equivalent of the free-fall portion of 6 skydives.)
  • All the necessary flying equipment
  • The PLM* harness (if necessary)
  • The trainer’s services
  • The preparation of a flight plan with a trainer
  • An instructor and trainer present in the flight chamber
  • A session debriefing

* PLM stands for “People with Limited Mobility”

A unique harness An adapted experience

Did you know that we use a harness specially created by one of our instructors which allow people who use a wheelchair to gain almost full autonomy in the flight chamber?

For more information (289) 224-4000

Did you know...

  • Since our opening in 2014, many people with physical, visual and auditory limitations have come to defy the law of gravity at iFLY Toronto. It is also possible for people with speech and intellectual impairments to enjoy this activity. In order to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable experience, we request that you meet with us before so that we can understand your needs and explain the process, before, during and after the flight.
  • We use a harness, specially created by one of our instructors, that allows people who use a wheelchair to gain almost full autonomy in the flight chamber.
  • If you are accompanied by an aide or an interpreter, he or she is not obligated to fly. It is possible that we ask this person to stay with you in the anti-chamber. In addition to our efforts to improve the experience of our customers flying with a disability (including developing the PLM harness), we organize a 24-hour Challenge every year. This fundraiser has been held annually since 2015, for the benefit Woodview.

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